Go Launcher Ex Themes

s2w themes proudly presents in its 1st efforts, at Go launcher EX themes.
An expansion from "Dark3rRize" Icons thats been popular over many forums.



Dark3r coloRize Enhanced

Download: s2w Dark3r coloRize Enhanced apk 2012
2/22/12 Updates: Minor enhancements and fixed issue when (coloRized) theme replaced a prior s2w Go Theme.


Dark3r coloRized Reaction

Download: s2w Dark3r coloRize Reaction apk 2012

Darker Reaction Cyan

Download: s2w Go theme (Dark3r Reaction (Cyan) apk
2/22/12 Updates: Minor enhancements and fixed issue when (cyan) theme replaced a prior s2w Go Theme.


Here is the link to the thread in xda:
official xda Dark3rRize thread

Important info:
The s2w Go themes posted are not a standalone app. You need Go Launcher Ex.
- So make sure you have the latest version of GO Launcher EX installed!
(If you don't have it on your device already, please search “GO Launcher EX” in the android market to download and install)

To apply the above theme:
- Download the s2w Go theme apk from the link above and place in your device.
- You can also create a Go themes folder in your sd card.
- Locate the apk and select it... allow it to install.
- Next go to menu from the home screen of Go launcher and choose themes.
- There locate the “s2w Go Theme” and simply apply.

- Enjoy!

Please provide feedback and comments.


  1. Well done S2W! :) Nice themes indeed.. Kudos! :)
    Just a little suggestion is to optimize this themes especially the Enhanced version to support MDPI Phones.. :)

    Proud to be XDA Dev User

  2. Thanks for the compliment and feedback. Will try to work on supporting mdpi.

    1. You're welcome.. Just posted a reply @ your xda thread.. Thanks

  3. Hi. your icons very nice. may I to use them for the my skins on motorola Zn5? if psd of your icons for me?
    my contact:
    ICQ 421771066
    skype Aika398
    mail: claus_398@mail.ru

  4. Best icons I've ever seen!!! Awesome themes to go with them!

  5. very cool themes, thank you....

  6. s2w themes, these are definitely the best icons i've ever seen!!! Any status update on when the Cyan Icons will be finished?

  7. Please update themes!?!?

  8. Awesome themes!!

  9. How does it feel to be the iconic icon king?!?.... wait?..... LOL